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Actor, musician, producer, composer, certified TaKeTiNa master teacher and founder of PulseRhythm.

Actor, Producer, Musician, Composer, Teacher

Tania has worked for more than 32 years as an actor, musician, producer, composer and teacher across the arts and music education in Australia and abroad. After more than 20 years of training and practice, Tania certified as a Master TaKeTiNa teacher in 2018. She holds a Diploma in Solution-Focused Counselling and is a certified Generative Trance therapist after completeing studies with Dr Stephen Gilligan and Dr Rob McNeilly at The Milton H Erickson Institute of Tasmania and with CET (The Centre of Effective Therapy).

In 2004 Tania founded Pulse Rhythm Events, an organization dedicated to presenting collaborative workshops and events involving rhythm, body, voice, personal evolution and meditation practices. In association with Pule Rhythm, Tania is currently running ongoing Active Rhythm and Trance (ART™) trainings for therapists and health professionals in training, as well as running open public workshops which combine her expertise in Generative Trance practice, theatre, voice, movement and the TaKeTiNa Rhythm process. Tania is also currently researching forms of Active Rhythm Meditation and transpersonal processes for performers and therpaists.

As a diverse musician, Tania works with her ensembles The Barefoot Orchestra, Rektango, and The Beijao, and she has studied and worked with rhythm specialists, Graeme Leak, Greg Sheehan, Bonnie Devlin, David Jones, and the bin and broom-wielding UK group, STOMP. Tania is also a Churchill Fellow and has studied Korean drum and dance forms with Jin Lu Rim, and completed further studies at the SamulNori School in Puyeo.

Tania holds a BA in Performing Arts, Contemporary Dance, and Education, and completed further training in music, acting and movement at the John Bolton Theatre School in 1993.

Cirque De Soleil, PulseRhythm, Open Studio, Rektango

In 2011 Tania was headhunted and offered a two-year contract to perform with the infamous Cirque De Soleil as performer, drummer, and vocalist, a career highlight and honor that had to be turned down due to other commitments.

Tania currently works internationally conducting her PULSE RHYTHM, Korean BUK drum-dance, and is currently developing and researching her own music and performance training practice which will form a new body of work specifically for those working as transpersonal artists.  Tania is a co-owner of the iconic live music venue, Open Studio in Melbourne and founder of Rektango Courtyard in Hobart and can on occasion be seen performing live at these venues.

Experiences with Tania


Along the Taketina training journey, I realize I have been opening myself to others much more than ever. I have long been very shy and insecure with others, thinking with exaggeration that anyone out of my close circle could be a threat. It was out of my control and indeed linked to a disproportionate fear of the unknown. This training was of course challenging but helped me to allow myself, very gradually, securely and effectively, to trust in me and in others as well.

Olivier OswaldTaKeTiNa teacher Paris

I went along to band practice after we ended Sunday and felt more focused and playful, and wondered how the practice would have been if all the band members had attended...pretty energized and creative I suspect.

FranWellington NZ

What a wonderful weekend of "active meditation" through rhythm...

Carol Shortis Choir Leader Wellington NZ

When Tania talked about being "in flow with the rhythms" as a metaphor for "being connected and present in life "and being" out of flow with the rhythms, as "getting caught up in our mind chatter", I knew I was in the right place. It was an amazing, profound and transformative experience that I will be processing and absorbing for some time to come!


TaKeTiNaWellington NZ

TaKeTiNa GaMaLa is still resonating with me - it was a very rich, deep experience for me and pinpointed my inability (or unwillingness perhaps) to completely let go... but never the less I feel I made some strides in that direction. Thankyou

SilvanaTaKeTiNa Wellington NZ

Dear Tania, I took part in the Starnberg-TaKeTiNa Workshop...it was an amazing experience for me - and I just want to thank you once again for your drumming - which was a profound support for me. It was so great to discover: whenever I fell out of rhythm, I could just stay/stop, listen and "find" the rhythm again. This experience means a lot to me...

TaKeTiNa Germany

...I thoroughly enjoyed it as personally I find it hard to meditate sitting still. I felt nicely unraveled for a good few days afterward, and there's still a lot more to unravel...It was an amazing, profound and transformative experience that I will be processing and absorbing for some time to come!

TaKeTiNa Wellington

Tania's approach to teaching is joyful and challenging in a very caring way, creating a sense of security and ease in opening up to rhythm.

TaKeTiNa Participant Paris

Tania created a relaxed, supportive and safe environment where I could explore and develop self-awareness around being "in and out of flow." -

KerryWellington NZ

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